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The Fertility Providers Alliance (“FPA”) was established by providers of reproductive medicine on behalf of the tens of thousands of patients we collectively serve. Our goals are to expand access to care, deliver high quality fertility services, and continuously advocate for our patients.

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Join our alliance and help us to give a stronger voice to our patients. All providers in the field of reproductive medicine are welcome. For more information or to join our membership, contact the Fertility Providers Alliance.

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The FPA will work together to collectively advocate for all fertility patients. Our goal is promote the best interest of our patients by providing access to care.

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Covid Task Force

The members of the FPA include over 425 reproductive endocrinologists and lab directors from almost 50 practices and affiliated networks across the United States.

FPA Leadership

TJ Farnsworth


Lisa Van Dolah


David Stern


Beth Zoneraich


Scott Bruckner


Richard Jennings


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To join us or for more information on the Fertility Providers Alliance please contact us.